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About the Company

Applicat provides the next-generation field service management platform, called Hormiga™. Our vision is to enable any field-service organization to optimize their resources in order to be as productive as possible, while also providing best-class service.



(Hormiga on 2016)


Ofir Ron

Nadav Bar-Or




The Problem

No effective mobile platform is available for most couriers and delivery organizations to become the Swiss Army knives of their industry. Equally severe, couriers can't measure accurately what is being done in the field and how good their field personnel perform.

The Solution

Hormiga proactively guides field personnel through their busy day, equipping them with innovative mobile tools that maximize the productivity of each workday. Hormiga generates a unique minute-by-minute activity-based analysis report, provides authentic behavior patterns and automatically triggers deficient-performance alerts.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

Business Model

Hormiga is a multi-tenant SaaS solution from day one. Hormiga, operates on MS Azure, runs businesses faster, improving performance considerably.


Dozens of happy customers and hundreds of users, keep elevating their productivity every day, turn their own customers to be recognized as market leaders.


CEO - Ofir Ron
CTO - Nadav Bar-Or  

Connection to UPS

Working with UPS Israel quickly turned out to be beneficial for both parties. Hormiga successfully increased the productivity of the operational and delivery teams and became a fundamental tool for managing and running the daily tasks of the couriers in the field.

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