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About the Company

Cellosign enables you to connect business processes with data collected from customer using digital forms. Information archived directly into the operating systems. We turn data into a Friendly, Safe & Secured Interactive Session wherever you meet your Client..




Kobi Segev


Up & Running

The Problem

An endless cumbersome process of manual forms.
Including sending email, faxing, tracking, send receipts and even deciphering handwriting. 
And finally typing a form after a form manually.

The Solution

A client receives an SMS with an invitation to session Client and Agent are co-working on the same form in real-time Adding Documentation, Images and files into the session. Client sign’s (finger tip) and post the document Document and attachments are sealed and archived into CRM

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

Business Model

Cellosign enables a non-technical employee to create end-to-end integrated processes as well as create digital forms by a simple drag & drop method.


Roughly 40 clients: Cloud, Shared-cloud and on-premise installations.
Nearly 25K form signed per day.
~ 1,000 Service & Sales agents working with Cellosign on daily basis.


CEO & CTO - Kobi Segev 

Head of BD & Product - Shirly Tohar    

Connection to UPS

UPS use Cellosign to export business processes and turn it into a friendly, safe and secured interactive session.

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