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Salvador Technologies

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About the Company

Salvador Technologies provides the world’s fastest technology to recover from cyber-attacks. Our patent pending technology protects your data from malicious attacks.
Customers receive continues operation of critical business components with minimum IT knowledge and maximum automation - back to work in one restart!




Alex Yevtushenko Oleg Vusiker


MVP product

IP protected

The Problem

Cyber-attacks hit companies and individuals every day. Hackers target backups, cloud, data-centers and succeed to bypass anti-ransomware software agents.
The main reason for ransomware attacks high cost is the long downtime. Backups and fast recovery are essential to avoid significant financial loss.

The Solution

Patented 3-IN-1 solution:
1. Instant 30 seconds recovery of a workstation and extremely fast recovery of an IT network.
2. Offline protected storage using IP protected “Time Based RAID” technology.
3. Early detection of backup corruption.


Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

Business Model

SaaS – Yearly Subscription Fee


Working with global corporates, integrating the technology in thier products and carrying out pilot of own MVP products.


Alex Yevtushenko –CEO
Oleg Vusiker – CTO

Connection to UPS

Design partner to develop and implement our solution for data protection from cyber-crime and to allow continues operation of shipment services.

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