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About the Company

KAZUAR is a daring and disruptive deep-tech company that recognized early on that state-level cyber threats pose grave danger to governments and businesses, while the market is failing to adequately address these dangers. This is why KAZUAR developed a one-of-a-kind technology that secures both hardware and software and provides state-level security with convenient user experience and complete mobility. The KAZUAR team comprises of leaders from global Intelligence Agencies such as CIA, MI6, Israeli agencies and more, and brings unique expertise in cyber-attack and cyber defense to provide us with deep understanding of the sophisticated attacks of today and tomorrow.




Yuval Porat, CEO and cofounder
Moshe Azar - cofounder


POC and commercialization

The Problem

The business world is facing a drastic escalation in cyber-attacks carried out not only by criminal organizations but also as a strategic weapon in the super-powers’ arms race for global supremacy. Today’s cyber defense tools are outdated resulting in a current cyber industry that is not able to offer state-grade protection against the state-level threats the commercial world is facing.

The Solution

KAZUAR is changing the rules of the game by introducing a unique state-grade cyber solution for the commercial sector. 
The KAZUAR solution offers hardware and software based cyber protection, that enables organizations to be inherently protected from state-grade cyber threats, including for working under compromise. 
Our proprietary technology provides a secure and confidential workspace for the organizations most sensitive data. The KAZUAR dual hardware-separated workspaces enable remote access to the organization’s sensitive data while also protecting against social engineering attacks or insider information leaks.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

Business Model

KAZUAR is a subscription based cyber security solution. Strategically deployed among the 10% of users that hold 90% of the organization risk.


POCs and commercialization with several leading global companies in the US, Europe and Israel.


35 Employees 
Yuval Porat– Co-Founder & CEO
Daniel Finchelstein – CTO
Ilan Levanon - COO
Geri Katz - CFO
Mulli Diamant – VP Sales 

Connection to UPS

KAZUAR is running a POC with UPS IL.

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